Hi there !
I'm Giovanni model from Europe and US since 2 years.
This is my official tumblr. I just put what I likes .. Movies, personality, actors.. And some of my pictures !


Next #picture than I will post I gonna have 70k people #follow my #adventures! 3 years ago I worked in the construction and now I’m moving everywhere for my work it’s just #awesome #amazing times!!! Thanks to you guys to be adorable, gentle, nice to me !!! I grow up, my career going very well and all the year you encourage me and gave me power cause sometimes people are very bad and really jealous. Now it’s #summer time, enjoy the #sun, keep going follow ur project and your #dream !!!! And particular a big thank you to @onepointmen @scoutingone @billytwitt for this year ! With #love

Here we go .. My personal shirts “Gioboyparis” for #boys #girls coming very soon on my new website : So put my shirts one for ur #shopping #workout #school #sleeping #beach even arround the corner ;))) ! #love picture in #Losangeles by #sonnytong

15 miles again today in Paris before the new trip tomorow let’s go Prague then Milano !! Today training with the boxing team !! @draghiremigio @willouboyw